Random Ramblings #1

In another life, I would never aspire to be an economist, ever again. 😁😂 But to see things through, is to make it through. 💪 One hundred and ten equations still left to crack. 😑😥 But something in the wind tells me, ‘Don’t ever give up on it, never!’ No matter how tough and difficult these freakin’ mathematical stuffs & theories might get, I still find ’em cool & awesome. The higher the bait, the higher reward. 😎🤓

Miss Marauder

For Ilauza,

I listen to Maroon 5’s daylight as if
it were my first time.  The dawn is breaking
with the scent of petrichor lingering in
this twisted atmosphere which is exactly
like your capricious fidelity.  Because these days
it rains in the night when the sun scorches the day.  Things seem
to slip away from its usual trajectory.

You absconded with my heart—
the one thing I couldn’t keep.  & how the last
time I saw you: you promised me the faithfulness
of Altivo to Cortez.  That you would be my today
waiting for ever for the morrow ahead.

You build a house of card
with the spoils of love you pillaged from me.
My soul is a dilapidated fortress beleaguers
by nostalgic nightmares & bitter-sour technicolour memories.

But still I’m trying to contemplate that
ours had been a beautiful, splendid sight
like a child looking at a diffusing contrail for the first time
in awestruck wonder even when the plane has already left far ahead.



Open Letter

The first time (maybe) I heard about clothes was at a Sunday school, when one of our teachers told us that Adam and Eve were aware of the fact that they were naked, and covered their private parts with leaves of some plants I always forget to remember.  No humans have dared to walk on earth without covering the nakedness of the body since the expulsion from Eden (if the story were ever true).

What are clothes but an excuse to hide one’s ugliness.  The imperfections one’s consciousness deliberately wants to hide, in order to hide its primitive faculties full of loathsomeness that may offend someone looking at them.  And when civilization keeps on evolving since the discovery of fire and wheel, the standards for one’s formality have been decided by the very reason why humanity has been condemned for eternity (again if the stories—I’d heard—were to be true).

I once heard the story of a Greek’s philosopher named Diogenes from a friend of mine who’s more or less eccentric like the man whose story he had narrated.  He was a man who abstained from all kinds of materialism that mankind had invented including clothing.  I don’t know but his anecdote was the antithesis of the ones that people want me to believe in and hence—follow the crowd with the utmost conformity.

So I’ve been condemned in a ritual like rigidity, to dress my nudity with certain types of garments based on the formalities (or should I say protocol if I were to be pompous and bureaucratic) that were laid down, and which seemed unanimously decided as if decreed without any of my opinion being taken into account.  And it seems you are one of those people who believe that—the outer visible shuck of the human body is the quintessential paradigm of one’s inner soul.  That if one were dressed poorly, he is poor.  But this is as incredulous as the 25 of December when Christ was borne on earth.

I’ve been hearing that you’ve been propagating how me and my friends are severely in need of guidance regarding civility.  That we don’t know any kind of civilised behaviour, and bereft of the simplest modesty.  Maybe you’re right at some point because we are all right in the end when one clarifies oneself.  Righteousness is great virtue that I sincerely hope it’ll drown in a deluge of being arrogantly righteous.

Still I hope that you, once in your lifetime, come across the word ‘empathy’.  Or the adage Atticus tells Scout, which is by far one of the most widely quoted phrases regarding the importance of looking at things from someone’s point of view.  Else you’ll never understand why, of all the other students at the University, we dress ourselves with petty clothes.  We are rules abiding students but not norms abiding.  By far, there are no steadfast rules as to which how one has to dress oneself especially in those post-graduate classes.

With due respect, I want to tell you how hard it is to put on fancy (or formal or decent) clothes just for those mere mundane classes that we attend every day.  But we do know when and where to dress formal—seminary and important events—and take heed in this particular remark.  Remember I had deliberately rejected the offer of being the host of Miss Varsity contest because protocol wanted me to dress formal.

So, it is especially hard for us—who are iconoclast of our own kind—to dress with how you want us to.  I’m sorry to tell you that I humbly reject your indirect yet emphatic insistency.  Look around you, there are lots of girls who dress in whatever ways they want.  Wearing mini-skirt that exposes their lower body, some scantily clad as if they were at a beach, and the list can go on as far as one wishes to scribble.

I bet you’ve been turning a blind eye on them because you’ve got a boner out of it (Oh! Sorry if I offend your sexuality) and slacked your libido with the utmost complacency.  I also think you as a radical feminist—the one perspective that’s been driving the world crazy.

I also hope you’ll have little understanding how hard it is to put on clothes—long trousers and shoes—in the dog days of summer, when sultriness pervades throughout the campus, especially for someone who’s not inured to hot and humid environment.  So, if you could turn a blind eye on us as well (like our female counterpart), we would be more than happy as well as thankful.

Like as Ralph Waldo Emerson’s saying, we are trying to discover ourselves, our inner wisdom and capability, at the university even when someone—like you—has been constantly trying to coerce and imbibe his ideology on us.  You’ll never win because we are the kind of chaps who love to fight fire with fire.

Yours snobbishly as ever,

Beef Bonus

Looking at our current socio-political scenario, if any movie director dare to make a movie titled ‘The man who kill the cow’. He name would be eternal. The beef bonus: Mizoram has been suffering natural calamities like never before in various parts of the hills. This may be the wrath of the Hindu Gods since we protest the banning of beef by organising beef fest. But none of my fellows will agree with my statement. Even I myself don’t believe in these kinds of incredulous belief.

What I do believe is that–climate change is real. Even in this side of the hills, probably 500 metres above the sea level (don’t even bother to google), we have been witnessing floods though landslides are everyday scene when it rains cats and dogs. This particular summer’s temperature is also record high. This is alarming since Mizoram is a state which has natural air conditioning. The preceeding winter, especially the last week of January, was also relatively much colder as compared to other years. These unusual events make it clear that even in the remotest of places where industrialization has not diluted the atmosphere and environment, the spillovers of climate change have been witnessed.

Now that nature has sent its ominous augury to mankind. So, let’s put aside our religious and identity feelings and try to make a better tomorrow. The earth is suffering because of our naïve acts. It is up to us (humans) to prevent a cataclysmic upheaval.