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Some Nights

Some nights are always long
& some memories always haunt

Some leaves are always green
Some games are always fun

Some people move on
While others wait & wait

Some things always break
While others merely bend

Some tears are out of joy
While others, like mine,
Are always out of pain

Some people die
We watch them leave
While we are doomed to stay

Here’s life
Sometimes I wish I were
A bird that sings in the rain
Patiently waiting for the

[Some leaves are always green even in autumn.  And no matter how hard I try to forget you, somewhere the memory of you often lingers like an 8-bit game I could never forget–thrilling, fun and always mesmerizing; but long no more to re-live the experience.  I’m convinced everything ends in the long-run, and some things always break while others merely bend.]



How do they name
a story that ends
before its prologue?
Perhaps if there
ever were, ours
would be one
of those stories—
of ephemeral ecstasies
& unquenched desires.
Sometimes in retrospect,
I regret the chances
I didn’t take.  The
dares I didn’t have
the courage to dare.
That place in Ai at KK,
where once I held
your hands & we
gazed at the stars
that were like the
freckles on your
snow-white face
in vast endless
sky above us.
I wished I would be
entrapped in that
moment for ever.
Now things often
break through
& apart. It rains
here today & the scroll
I see reads ‘who dares wins’
as if to only remind
me I’ve always been
a loser all my life.
Wherever you are
I hope you are happy.
I wish you would
find a way to reduce
the unforgiving masses
that make you
feel self-abased.  But
just remember I
still care less until now.
And you are
the best story
I could never write.
Cos you make me feel like
I could hit a jackpot
with coke’s cap.
I think I’m mad
as I always have been.


Miss Marauder

For Ilauza,

I listen to Maroon 5’s daylight as if
it were my first time.  The dawn is breaking
with the scent of petrichor lingering in
this twisted atmosphere which is exactly
like your capricious fidelity.  Because these days
it rains in the night when the sun scorches the day.  Things seem
to slip away from its usual trajectory.

You absconded with my heart—
the one thing I couldn’t keep.  & how the last
time I saw you: you promised me the faithfulness
of Altivo to Cortez.  That you would be my today
waiting for ever for the morrow ahead.

You build a house of card
with the spoils of love you pillaged from me.
My soul is a dilapidated fortress beleaguers
by nostalgic nightmares & bitter-sour technicolour memories.

But still I’m trying to contemplate that
ours had been a beautiful, splendid sight
like a child looking at a diffusing contrail for the first time
in awestruck wonder even when the plane has already left far ahead.