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Random Ramblings #1

In another life, I would never aspire to be an economist, ever again. 😁😂 But to see things through, is to make it through. 💪 One hundred and ten equations still left to crack. 😑😥 But something in the wind tells me, ‘Don’t ever give up on it, never!’ No matter how tough and difficult these freakin’ mathematical stuffs & theories might get, I still find ’em cool & awesome. The higher the bait, the higher reward. 😎🤓


Beef Bonus

Looking at our current socio-political scenario, if any movie director dare to make a movie titled ‘The man who kill the cow’. He name would be eternal. The beef bonus: Mizoram has been suffering natural calamities like never before in various parts of the hills. This may be the wrath of the Hindu Gods since we protest the banning of beef by organising beef fest. But none of my fellows will agree with my statement. Even I myself don’t believe in these kinds of incredulous belief.

What I do believe is that–climate change is real. Even in this side of the hills, probably 500 metres above the sea level (don’t even bother to google), we have been witnessing floods though landslides are everyday scene when it rains cats and dogs. This particular summer’s temperature is also record high. This is alarming since Mizoram is a state which has natural air conditioning. The preceeding winter, especially the last week of January, was also relatively much colder as compared to other years. These unusual events make it clear that even in the remotest of places where industrialization has not diluted the atmosphere and environment, the spillovers of climate change have been witnessed.

Now that nature has sent its ominous augury to mankind. So, let’s put aside our religious and identity feelings and try to make a better tomorrow. The earth is suffering because of our naïve acts. It is up to us (humans) to prevent a cataclysmic upheaval.

Seven books I think every one should read



(If you’re not willing to do the same, don’t react or comment, & please ignore this post.)

IMHO, Seven books I think every one should read & why.

1) To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee:  To realize how important are your neighbours & learn, how to understand others & reserve one’s insular prejudices.

2) The Stranger by Albert Camus: To learn to be authentic & be who you are, in a world that is constantly trying to change your principles & POV.
3) Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie:  To see why culture, religion & history are so damn important & that these are the ones that ultimately decide one’s destiny.

4) The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga: Why we should value freedom above all else.  To nurture one’s true potential & learn that everything under the sun could be yours if you truly try.
5) One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: To know everything in the universe is always the same & that no matter what, you’re going to die anyway.  So, try to lead a humble life.

6) Kawhterenga by Lalzuahliana: To deviate yourself from the masses & learn that selflessness and open mindedness are one of the greatest virtues of mankind, & which most of us are deprived of.
7) Vaihna Vartian by Mafaa Hauhnar:  To indulge yourself with the seductive power of words, & how reading stories could be as awesome as fuck!

(7 but 8 huh!)  Lastly, The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde: How important it is to carefully choose your companion.  To learn that narcissism is the greatest vice & that nothing lasts forever; youth is just a phase.

You may ask why I don’t include The Bible and stuffs, cos I never really read ’em. Oops!

So how about you, my friend?
Eager to know, as ever,