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The System!

Almost all of my interest in economics has been nullified. It’s been the worst injustice I’ve ever suffered. Now I’m convinced, my bad handwriting is going to haunt me throughout my academic career. If I could get 9 more marks (which I’m wholly convinced I earn them), I would have earned 12 more credit points.
I think it’s time for me to exonerate myself; but the system tells me I’ll have to pay ₹2,200 for the mistake I’ve never made. I’m also chafed to see that 50 master’s students answer sheets have to be evaluated within 48 hours. Gosh! I hate the system.
Can anybody elucidate me more about RTI? It seems I can see my answer sheets if I write an application using this Act. But 7.181 GPA is not that low tho’. Still, the fundamental law of economics still holds true, ‘Human wants are unlimited’, and I am human.
I never compete with anyone, I only compete with myself. But it’s just that, I can’t believe it! When you sacrifice everything and toil with sweat and blood for two whole months, sleep less than 5 hours, I think no one will blame me for my indignation.
69 has become the number I hate the most. Because I get this fuckin’ number in three papers! If I get one more mark each, I could have get 10 more credit points! Huizzz